I am Georgetown University graduate and currently I am working on a joint project on National Identity with a group of Georgetown alumni. The focus of my research is National Identity issue in Scandinavian countries and in Denmark in particular. I need some specific studies on Denmark and I would greatly appreciate if you gave me a guidance on how I could use the resources at Uppsala University. I live in Stockholm and if needed I could come and meet you personally.


Have you tried to search in LIBRIS , the joint catalogue of the Swedish academic and research libraries? The catalogue is free of charge, and you can find it here: http://libris.kb.se/ It contains about 6 million references to books and journals.

Keywords I tried in LIBRIS for your subject field are: national identity, national characteristics combined with Scandinavia /Denmark.

Are you particularly interested in the sources in Uppsala University Library? If not so, I suggest you visit Stockholm University Library first, because of the nearness for you while you live in Stockholm. The Stockholm University Library has access to just about the same databases as we have in Uppsala University Library.

The switchboard phone number to Stockholm University Library is
08 -16 28 00. Here you can find more information about the main library:



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